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MalePrime: Would you look at those thighs and torso? That’s one masterpiece of a man. ;)

MalePrime: Tight fitting leather highlights muscle so well. ;)

MalePrime: Slim and handsome. Would you get a tattoo of your zodiac too?

MalePrime: Not too long until Summer now. Are you ready for it? He is ;)

MalePrime: Sleeve tattoos look so hot, highlighting those toned biceps so nicely!

MalePrime: Gorgeous abs there! Wonder how many million abs it took to get them that perfect?

MalePrime: Boxers are so hot. Strong, powerful bodies built for wrestling.

MalePrime: Hunky, tough-looking men are so hot. The tattoo is a plus, wouldn’t you agree?

MalePrime: Who would wear a t-shirt with that hot body underneath?

MalePrime: For those of us who love beautiful tattooed bodies

MalePrime: So damn sexy, loving that beard!

MalePrime: The tattoos help give you an excuse to stare

MalePrime: Were you looking for hairy, sexy men to gawk at? I have some good news for you

MalePrime: That body, hot damn!

MalePrime: So freaking hot! Isn’t he just too damn sexy?

MalePrime: Anyone else has a weakness for tattooed hunks?

MalePrime: Wow… like, damn!

MalePrime: Irresistibly hot! Gotta love that sexy body