Tag/Concept: Human Bodies

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  • human body (singular)

MalePrime: For those of us who love beautiful tattooed bodies

MalePrime: So damn sexy, loving that beard!

MalePrime: The tattoos help give you an excuse to stare

MalePrime: Were you looking for hairy, sexy men to gawk at? I have some good news for you

MalePrime: That body, hot damn!

MalePrime: So freaking hot! Isn’t he just too damn sexy?

MalePrime: Anyone else has a weakness for tattooed hunks?

MalePrime: Wow… like, damn!

MalePrime: Irresistibly hot! Gotta love that sexy body

MalePrime: Tattoos and a sexy muscular back, so sexy!

MalePrime: The beautiful Luigi Ficarelli

MalePrime: Eye-catchy as hell ;)

MalePrime: A scene from my dreams

MalePrime: Living la vida loca

MalePrime: The sheer beauty of the male body…hot!

MalePrime: There needs to be a half-naked hunk in every street. The world would be a happier place.

MalePrime: Wet, sexy and hot as he can possibly be. Did I mention a speedo?

MalePrime: Perfection