Tag/Concept: Sleeve Tattoos

A tattoo that covers a large area on a person's arm.

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  • sleeve tattoo (singular)

MalePrime: For those of us who love beautiful tattooed bodies

MalePrime: The tattoos help give you an excuse to stare

MalePrime: Tattoos and a sexy muscular back, so sexy!

MalePrime: Big, strong tattooed arms, manly beard… as handsome as it gets!

MalePrime: Definitely not for the faint of heart

MalePrime: So damn cute!

MalePrime: Ebony sexy hunk

MalePrime: I wish that was my name on his chest

MalePrime: Too beautiful… so dreamy!

MalePrime: Don’t you just love hot bearded guys?

MalePrime: Sexy tattooed hairy hunk!

MalePrime: He’s sexy as hell!

MalePrime: Pure eye candy

MalePrime: Beautiful eyes, beautiful body… and those tattoos! So damn sexy.

MalePrime: Great pic… so sexy

MalePrime: Loving those tats

MalePrime: So damn hot!

MalePrime: I’m in love with this man’s body. He’s so handsome!