Is there nudity and sex on this site?

We've built this site to be "Safe For WorK". Sorta… We do have rear nudity provided nothing but ass cheeks are showing, and we do have pics of sex where you can't actually see insertion or genitalia. That's not quite up to Facebook's standards, and chances are your workplace is more conservative than that as well. But there's no porn on this site.

Where can I find more explicit stuff?

Each of the "content" pages on the site have links near the top to more explicit versions of the page.

Can I share the pics on Facebook or Google+?

Usually, yes. Just click the Facebook/Google+ icon. However, we remove that option when we think Facebook/Google+ won't like the image. For example we don't let you share pics where there's sex, but nothing visible since that's too racy/suggestive for Facebook. That said, please realize that some images we do let you share may be against Facebook's or Google's Terms of Service, or you may get reviewed by someone who's overly conservative. So think about your own reputation on those sites before you post.

Is it safe to link to this site from Facebook/Google+?

As we understand Facebook's and Google's rules, yes. Facebook and Google don't want you linking to porn sites and as far as we know this would not be considered a porn site.

I shared something on Facebook (or Google+) from another site and it put in the URL for this site. Why?

Facebook and Google don't like you linking to porn sites, so we substituted a similar URL from this site so you wouldn't get in trouble. Yes, it may not show as much as the other site, but you won't get in trouble for the link and there is a link to a more explicit version on the page.