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Scene Description:

Boy Fillups is a sly young fuck. He pretends to resist bein' used by a group of 7 horny, bent leathermen. Our drippin', ass-hungry men waste no time lockin' that boy in the stocks and disabling his legs with a spreader bar before the fun begins and they take turns usin' the boy's holes. Jake warms Boy's back and ass with a brutal bull hide flogger while he gets his blindfolded face fucked by a series of long, thick, hungry man cocks. Jake gets carried away and starts wailin' on Boy's ass, causin' him to cry out, so he gets his loud mouth gagged to prevent him from screaming when the real fun begins and he gets his bull nuts whacked with a riding crop while Adam milks the precum outa his drippin' piss slit. Jake finishes Boy's warmup with a metal studded paddle and the flogger before Parker shoves his thick 9-incher up the boy's chute. Jon can't resist shoving his thick 8-incher down Boy's helpless throat. Oh yeah, did I mention that everyone fuckin' sucks piss throughout the video? Come back next week for Part 2, piggies!

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