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Date Released:  2021-06-30
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When Blue entered the ceremony room, he was surprised to see three men sitting in rich, ornate chairs, dressed in dark, fine suits with silk ties and polished shoes. He wondered who they were or if he'd met them before; their faces were covered with strange masks that hid their identities.

Beside them, placed like a coffee table, was a long piece of furniture that was too irregular to be a platform for drinks. It was covered with a dark cloth that concealed unknown objects beneath. At the head of the table alongside the others sat Grandmaster Angus, a man Blue did not recognize, despite him having inseminated the young man the night of his initiation.

The men stood up and together lifted the cloth, giving the young man a glimpse of what was to come. Studded in a row like ducks on a path were several dark, shiny objects, bulbing at the top and supported up by a narrow base. Each one progressively got larger until the final bulb resembled an oversized light. The apprentice recognized them by their shape and form: plugs. Anal plugs secured to a heavy, wooden table.

Blue was mildly scared, to say the least. He'd never tested the limits of his ass, but it seemed like it was somewhere in the last couple pegs for sure. Still, he felt an unusual rush of excitement about the idea of being watched by the group.

The first few pegs were easy enough. A little oil was provided to him and he sat on each one without any issues. He was ordered several times to stop and lift up his balls to show the men that he had completely taken in the plug on the table. The young man couldn't believe how hot it was. He wanted to please him. To please all of them. And he only had a few more pegs to go.

Grandmaster Angus kept his eyes locked with the apprentice. He could see his want. He could see his struggle. He asked him gently if he could proceed, a question that Blue could barely find the strength to answer. He knew how close he was to finishing and he wanted to more than anything else. But alas, he couldn't go any further.

Angus nodded understandingly. Angus ordered him to lean over the table, facing away from himself, and grip onto the pegs for support. The apprentice wasn't sure what was to come, but he did so without question. And then, to Blue's surprise, he felt the older man's cock slide up inside his hole!

As much as he was tender and tired, the man's bare shaft seemed to give him a second wind. Angus wrapped his tie around Blue's neck, using it to hold him in place like a leash. Blue couldn't help but look at the men to the side, watching him get fucked by the beefy man behind him. Then, they all took off their masks, revealing their identities: Master Kamp, Grandmaster Oaks, and Grandmaster Savage. Each man had had their chance to guide him along his path, and now they all bore witness to the trial of the stretcher.

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Cole Blue – kissing
Cole Blue – kissing