Tag/Concept: Hairy

MalePrime: Tight fitting leather highlights muscle so well. ;)

MalePrime: Boxers are so hot. Strong, powerful bodies built for wrestling.

MalePrime: What a great selfie. Loving that scruffy beard! ;)

MalePrime: What do you prefer on fit men? Beefy chests are at the top of my list. ;)

MalePrime: What a beautiful, toned body! Wonder how many weeks it took to craft that masterpiece?

MalePrime: Who would wear a t-shirt with that hot body underneath?

MalePrime: Strong, toned obliques look so very hot, wouldn’t you agree? ;)

MalePrime: Built, bearded men in the wild. Delightful!

MalePrime: I think he’s ready for summer, wouldn’t you agree?

MalePrime: I spy with my little eye…

MalePrime: Hairy muscles… hot!

MalePrime: So damn handsome! The world needs more of his selfies

MalePrime: Wanna play?

MalePrime: I love his looks, he’s just too hot!

MalePrime: Sexy, hairy manly men!

MalePrime: So damn sexy, loving that beard!

MalePrime: Beautiful manly men

MalePrime: The tattoos help give you an excuse to stare