Tag/Concept: Outdoors

The Great Outdoors – locations created by Mother Nature, or something man-made. Just not indoors.

Broader Concept

MalePrime: I think he’s ready for summer, wouldn’t you agree?

MalePrime: In the mood for going to the beach?

MalePrime: Don’t question why is he wearing a speedo in the woods. Just enjoy it.

MalePrime: Do you like the sight? I’m loving it

MalePrime: There needs to be a half-naked hunk in every street. The world would be a happier place.

MalePrime: Could you say no to that charming smile?

MalePrime: Has a sexy hunk ever asked you for directions?

MalePrime: So cute!

MalePrime: Hairy hottie

MalePrime: Hot athletic bodies

MalePrime: Manly men

MalePrime: He’s so cute! Awesome body too…

MalePrime: Hot as hell!

MalePrime: Such a tease… we want to see more!

MalePrime: He looks so hot in those glasses, then again Noah Teicher always looks hot!

MalePrime: Charming smile

MalePrime: Up for a ride?

MalePrime: Does anyone else have a weakness for sexy, tattooed men?