Tag/Concept: Muscle Hunks

Broader Concepts
Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • muscle hunk (singular)
  • Muscle Men/Hunk

MalePrime: Absolutely charming

MalePrime: The things I’d do just to touch those abs

MalePrime: That’s one hot as hell body, don’t you agree?

MalePrime: Amazing body, so damn sexy!

MalePrime: Hairy muscles… hot!

MalePrime: Pure male beauty

MalePrime: So damn handsome! The world needs more of his selfies

MalePrime: I love his looks, he’s just too hot!

MalePrime: Abs to die for

MalePrime: Smooth sexy bodies

MalePrime: He’s so dreamy! Don’t you love smooth muscle hunks?

MalePrime: Fabian Fröhlich’s one sexy hunk don’t you think?

MalePrime: Sexy, hairy manly men!

MalePrime: With a man like him by your side, would you ever want to leave the bed?

MalePrime: One of the best bodies I’ve seen, he’s so damn sexy!

MalePrime: Hot rugby players, need I say more?

MalePrime: With a body like that you can surely forgive that sexy smug face, can’t you?

MalePrime: I think I’m in love!