Tag/Concept: Daddies

Guys who look like idealized fathers – masculine with a protective quality about them.

Broader Concept
Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • daddy (singular)
  • Daddy Guys

MalePrime: The things I’d let him do to me…

MalePrime: Bearded, hairy, handsome hunk!

MalePrime: The man of my dreams

MalePrime: Handsome, hairy and beautiful!

MalePrime: Hairy and loving it

MalePrime: Hot hairy daddy!

MalePrime: Deliciously hairy

MalePrime: Handsome daddy with a beautiful hairy chest

MalePrime: Hairy and sexy as hell!

MalePrime: Hot damn!

MalePrime: Hot daddies

MalePrime: Sexy as hell!

MalePrime: Is there anything hotter than a big, masculine, daddy with #beefy, #muscular build? Woof!

MalePrime: You don’t stop being sexy when your old & gray… Woof!

MalePrime: Who else likes beefy muscle daddies? WOOF!

MalePrime: A hot young daddy. VERY HOT!

MalePrime: You wouldn’t think bikini briefs would work on a hairy daddy, but they totally do…

MalePrime: Real men drive trucks, wear caps and tank tops, and have scruffy beards and tattoos. Woof!