Tag/Concept: Bodybuilders

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  • bodybuilder (singular)
  • body builders
  • body builder
  • Big Muscle Guys

MalePrime: Hot!

MalePrime: Awesome body!

MalePrime: Amazing body… gotta love speedos

MalePrime: Bodybuilder Luke Haslett has an incredible body!

MalePrime: I love bodybuilders in tiny little tank tops… HOT!

MalePrime: OMG! Look at those abs, and those arms, and those shoulders… #Black #MuscleGod

MalePrime: I think I’m in love… He looks like the perfect #MuscleBoy…

MalePrime: Love it when a guy’s so muscular he’s bursting out of his clothes! #Bodybuilder

MalePrime: Too bad evolution didn’t result in all of us looking as hot as Brandon Bass… DAMN he’s perfect!

MalePrime: Hot #MuscleBear!!

MalePrime: Hot sweaty shirtless #MuscleGods moving around in the dark. Would you be on your knees worshipping them?

MalePrime: Love his body, but why does he look so worried? #Bodybuilder

MalePrime: Can I be their water boy? I’ll service them any way they want!

MalePrime: If you think Asians are all small and weak - you’re wrong… #AsianMuscle

MalePrime: IMHO, Alexander Rendon has an absolutely perfect body! Perfect V, #WashboardAbs, huge quads…

MalePrime: More guys should #workout in the #gym with their shirts off! #WashboardAbs

MalePrime: Damn! Brazilian guys are really hot! #MuscleBoy

MalePrime: We need a new law - mandatory summer attire - nothing more than short shorts and shoes ;)