Tag/Concept: Black Guys

Broader Concepts
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Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • black guy (singular)
  • black men
  • Ethnicity - African American

MalePrime: Wow… like, damn!

MalePrime: Weak at the knees? Can’t blame you, he’s so handsome!

MalePrime: Ebony sexy hunk

MalePrime: Ebony beauty. Gorgeous eyes!

MalePrime: Ebony hottie

MalePrime: Simply beautiful

MalePrime: So damn beautiful!

MalePrime: Amazing body! He’s so damn sexy

MalePrime: Too damn sexy!

MalePrime: Amazing body. Gotta love tattooed hunks!

MalePrime: Great abs!

MalePrime: Muscles, tattoos… so hot!

MalePrime: Sexy kissable lips <3

MalePrime: Amazing body, hot as hell!

MalePrime: Young, athletic and handsome as hell!

MalePrime: OMG! Look at those abs, and those arms, and those shoulders… #Black #MuscleGod

MalePrime: #Ripped #Sweaty #BigMuscle HOT!!

MalePrime: Perfect #RippedMuscle that’s not too big or veiny… HOT!