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Date Released:  2021-03-10
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Mark couldn't believe it. His old man was handling his cock, caressing it in his fingers and stroking it to full strength. It sent sensations throughout his body, making him leak precum out of the tip of his shaft. Coach Angus dipped his head toward it, licking up the bead of fluid with his tongue, pouring hot breath over Mark's cock.

Coach Angus could see the boy's hunger. He'd seen it many times before in the other boys. But now, he felt a swelling of pride from deep within, making him eager to give his boy what he wanted. Angus pushed everything off the bed and got on his back, lifting his legs up for Mark to see his big ass.

Mark knew exactly what to do, mounting up behind the bear bottom and sliding his cock between his cheeks. Mark was shaking, excited and in disbelief that this was happening. But as the head of his cock made its way into Angus' hole, he let out a moan of pleasure, overtaken by how amazing it felt to be inside his coach.

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Bishop Angus – kissing
Bishop Angus – kissing
Mark Winters – kissing
Mark Winters – kissing