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Date Released:  2021-03-17
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After tying up a couple sheets to some nearby trees, Scoutmaster Agnus had the perfect swing for Mark to lay back on. But first, the boy took off the daddy bear's shorts. Angus held his hands on his hips as he watched Mark reveal his big, throbbing cock. He loved seeing Mark's eyes go wide as he saw it up close.

Angus put Mark on his back, resting him down on the makeshift hammock they'd fashioned, presenting the boy's hole to meet his manhood. Mark was nervous, but he wanted it more than anything else at that moment. Angus let a drop of spit fall from his mouth onto the tip of his cock, making it glisten in the sun before he let it kiss the soft, smooth sphincter of Mark's ass. The delicate hole was tight as a knot, but Angus slowly eased himself between his beautiful cheeks.

Mark felt his stomach clench as he was penetrated, feeling the beefy daddy bear enter him and slide back and forth. It hurt for a moment, as if the insides of his body were fighting back. But after he took a deep breath, his muscles relaxed, making a warm, cozy place for the older man's thick, bare cock.

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Mark Winters – kissing
Mark Winters – kissing
Bishop Angus – kissing
Bishop Angus – kissing