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Christian Sharp is one of those guys who walks into a room and everyone looks. Gay, straight, bisexual... it really doesn't matter. Everyone looks. He's got the most adorable face with those puppy dog eyes and beautiful smile. Then he takes off his shirt and shows you his incredible body. He's got a great natural look about him. Then there's Dawson Riley. He was so hot in our Halloween movie and is always up for everything we ask him to do. I had a feeling that putting these guys together would make for an exceptional video. I remember a time when Christian was the new guy around here, getting tips from some of our more experienced models. Now he's teaching Dawson everything he knows, especially how to eat ass. He's a pro at it! I don't know if Dawson has a whole lot of experience in getting rimmed but judging from the look on his face and the soft moans coming from his mouth he'll be begging for it soon enough! . These two had an amazing connection and watching Christian pounding Dawon's ass was so hot, especially when he pulled the old jackhammer routine. You won't want to miss one second of the action because these guys pulled out all the stops. You'll really love seeing Christian shoot his load all over Dawson's smooth chest. Dawson didn't waste any time to shoot his as well and you'll notice there isn't even an edit between them. They went one right after the other.

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Body pic for Christian Sharp
Body pic for Christian Sharp
Body pic for Christian Sharp
Body pic for Christian Sharp