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Kevin is turning into our resident sex dummy. He was John Magnum's star pupil in "Bottoming 101" and now he's enrolled in "Massage 101" hosted by Tyler Saint. Kevin lays down on the massage table and Tyler begins working on his smooth back, explaining everything he's doing along the way. I hope you're taking notes! His hands meander down and find their way to Kevin's bubble butt, and then further on down to his toned legs. So far, everything's been pretty professional, but Tyler can't resist Kevin's tight hole any longer and he dives in for a taste. Tyler regains his composure and Kevin flips over. He goes back to work on Kevin's chiseled chest, arms, legs and feet before once again giving into temptation and wrapping his mouth around Kevin's hard-on. Now it's time for Kevin to show that it's not just his cock that's been at attention through the whole lesson. Tyler lays down and Kevin works his way through the routine, pouring over Tyler's meaty muscles. He does a fine job but quickly cuts to the end of the lesson, sucking Tyler's massive dick. After that Kevin decides to improvise. He has Tyler flip onto his stomach and begins to fuck Tyler's sweet hole. This kid is a prodigy! The for final exam Kevin sits on Tyler's face and explodes onto Tyler's chest. This causes Tyler to pop mere seconds later. Congrats Kevin, you've passed with flying colors!

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Tyler Saint – foot fetish
Tyler Saint – foot fetish
Body pic for Kevin Lane
Body pic for Kevin Lane