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Craaaaazzzy Hot Match Up!

We decided to do something a little different this video. Play off of Taylor's dominate streak, and Bastian's slight fetish for being tied up.

There is just something about these two muscle boys that works perfectly.

Taylor starts by having Bastian suck his cock. He then he ties his hands behind him, dry humping him, giving Bastian a taste (of fear?) of what was to come.

Instead, Taylor jumps back up and makes Bastian choke on his fat cock while all bound up!

And this is where we change things up a bit again. I have been toying with the idea of giving the model's a small camera for some POV work.

Point of View films tends to be a popular straight theme, since most guys watching straight porn really don't want to see the dude, just the girl and maybe a big cock plunging in. POV tends to be less successful with guy-on-guy scenes because viewers want to see BOTH dudes.

So I thought I would mix it up with regular footage. I was unsure about how much I wanted to integrate into the movie so we go POV only 3 times. I didn't want to commit to a full movie with a model holding a camera the entire time.

Frankly, I think the balance works good this way. It's difficult for the models to stay hard and film, so a smattering of —You Are There—really adds something extra to the movie without hindering their performance.

And it's just plain hot watching Taylor see his own cock get buried in Bastian's ass, dirty talking all the while.

Taylor then jerks of Bastian with a Toy. We thought to only use it for a small portion of the video, but Bastian REALLY liked it, and it was cool to seem him use it on himself while Taylor pounded him.

Taylor is unmerciful in his fucking. He cums all over Bastian's hole and then unloads the rest inside, breeding him good!

Poor Bastian's asshole is all bruised and torn up! Ouch!

Doesn't stop Bastian from cumming though. The dude cums a lot! Like syrup pouring out of a maple tree!

Gonna have to add this one to my Top 10 hot videos. I know I have lot in my Top 10, but this one is a must see!

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Body pic for Taylor (ChaosMen)
Body pic for Taylor (ChaosMen)
Body pic for Bastian (ChaosMen)
Body pic for Bastian (ChaosMen)