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Sexy handsome hunk Ross Hurston made his debut on Butch Dixon in a sweaty wrestling video. Paired up with a bald, muscle stud, the two wrestled one another on the mats to see who would have to bend over for a hard fuck. In this photo gallery Ross Hurston is back again, but he's solo. He sits behind his desk and starts stripping out of his clothes. This hunk has such a beautifully hard and well-defined body that you'll never tire of looking at it. And when it comes to sex, Ross is always ready. Wait until you see that stiff cock of his standing straight up in the air with his hairy six pack only an inch away! And before he leaves us, this handsome hunk turns his back to the camera and shows off his muscular and very fuckable ass.

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Body pic for Ross Hurston
Body pic for Ross Hurston
Body pic for Ross Hurston
Body pic for Ross Hurston