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Date Released:  2010-01-29
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Andre, Tim, and Fidget are great in this energetic and fun threesome. The scene starts off with some great kissing between Andre and Tim as Fidget is giving both of them head as he bobs back and forth from cock to cock. Andre takes his place as Top of the scene as he eats, licks and sucks Fidget's ass prepping it for his own raw cock. Tim gets his taste of Fidget's ass too, that eventually develops into a hot choo-choo rimming sequence between these three. Andre plugs Fidget's bareback hole as Fidget eats Tim's ass, cock, and huge balls...Tim gets to throw his dick into Fidget's raw hole a few times as both he and Andre tag team fuck Fidget's eager hole. Fidget shows off his versatile skills as he also throws Tim over and drills his ass raw in return... Tim can't get enough as he suck and licks Andre's raw cock in preparation for his ass... and more quick tag team action then happens of Tim's hole... All three of these guys have a great chemistry with one another and it shows as the sex is fun and energetic... Each of them shoots very nice loads of cum with Andre shooting a huge load onto Fidget's hole and then fucking the cum straight into his ass... The scene ends with Andre and Tim fingering Fidget's sloppy hole and giving him a taste of the sweet load Andre just blew as Tim explodes all over Fidget's face and chest.

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Fidget takes raw cock in his ass while eating hole
Fidget takes raw cock in his ass while eating hole